Ganache is a personal blockchain built on top of the Ethereum network, basically for development purposes. With Ganache,

“you can run tests, execute commands, and inspect state while controlling how the chain operates”.

By default, and depending on your OS, you could simply download and install the software from it’s official site:

For window users, there’s a downloadable dot appx (.appx) version, which as I have come to discover, is a little tricky to install for some users. One possible fix and solution for this is to clone and install it from it’s official repo.

Although this approach may…

I recently had this challenge while working on a project, the ability to use multiple deploy keys (all pointing to different repositories) from a single VPS instance.

I had alternatives however, with things like automatic deployment from any of the cloud providers, but for this use case, I wanted it done manually.

Before I explain how to fix this, let me give you a hint on a practical example where this may come in handy.

The more I study Entrepreneurship as a whole, the more I see how empty it can be.

Hollywood over glorifies it. The media over simplifies it…but when you truly take a look, it’s all a façade.

Some say it’s “living the dream”, I say it’s “fighting for the dream”. You know why?

Because it’s a race against time, against culture, against sanity. The truth is many will not make it…

And this is because there’re so many hype about so many things which are really not true. Wait a second…let’s digress and check an example.

Take for instance, hacking and…

Power is a function of your network. A network of the people you know and a network of the resources at your disposal at any given point in time.

Now knowledge is not power. Network is Power. A knowledgeable man without the right network is not powerful.

People like to explain Power in the light of “what you carry”. I like to explain Power based on what “responds” to what you carry.

Now this may look like the same but they are not the same. Why? Because power is not potential. It is kinetic in nature.

Power is not scalar…

We all need someone who can show up in our dry moments. And there will be such moments…

A lot of them.

We all need someone who can take our hands and lead us to the oasis even in the midst of the desert. The strongest of soldiers needs someone to watch his back.

There’ll be days where the fight will get to you. Days where your feet will not be able to hold you no more. Days you may want to cry, you may want to weep and you may want to give it all up.

For “even the…

Pain makes people silent. Pain breaks people and pain changes people.

Pain is an instrument of torture but pain can also be an instrument of grace. The pleasure of 2 adults produces an embryo but the pain of the mother produces the child.

It takes pain to break down but it also takes pain to break through. Fire burns wood but fire also refines gold. It all depends on what they are made of.

Pain is a process but pain is also the end of a process. …

To trust,

To believe,

I’m learning to let go of my senses,

I’m learning to embrace

the unknown,

the unseen,

the unfelt,

To understand that I know nothing,

And as the fragments of all I know falls apart,

To pick what’s left of these fragments

And rise to the dawn of a new day.

Hello Sade,

I don’t want to build my life around people. People go. Like the seasons of life, people come, and people go.

I don’t want to build my life around human expectations.

Expectations fail. Like all spheres of life, promises are made and promises are broken.

The loneliness this experience leaves you with is something I hate to experience.

The emptiness it brings and the void it leaves is something the human soul is sick of.

They hurt, and they hurt even more when you’re left stranded with nothing else to hold on to.

I prefer to build my…

You are in love with something deeper than love. You’ve hoped in something wider than hope

…and when your expectations don’t come as imagined and as dreamt of,

you get disappointed, sad and depressed.

The issue is not that life is unfair. It’s your broken idea of fairness.

The mere presence of supporters does not make a cause noble and just. Hitler had supporters. Stalin had supporters. Nicolae had supporters. Idi Amin had supporters.

Even Satan has a legion.

And that a man lifts his hands to pray does not sanction the purity of his heart.

Popularism is a function of the crowd effect.

It’s only popular because many people are talking about it. But because many people are talking about it does not make it right and does not make it just.

People can be ignorantly honest and objectively wrong.

And so if you follow an ideology…

Mona Moxie

Software/Backend Developer. A wanderer, lost in time.

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